Water Resources
Engineering, LLC

Gantzer Water Resources Engineering, LLC provides water quality management strategies for lakes and reservoirs nationwide. Paul Gantzer graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008 with his Ph.D. in Water Resources Management and started Gantzer Water Resources Engineering the same year. The company’s focus is to provide expertise in water quality management to control:

• Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria),
• Internal phosphorus loading,
• Soluble metals such as Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn),
• Hypoxia and anoxia,
• Hydrogen sulfide formation,
• Fish kills, and
• Taste and odor issues.


Eutrophication of natural lakes, hydropower and water-supply reservoirs have led to an increasing need for more robust and flexible water quality management strategies. Gantzer Water understands that every project is unique, often times with eutrophication as a common denominator. Therefore we focus on establishing a strong relationship with our clients to further enhance our ability to meet their needs.

Data Analysis

Resolution of data collection is only enhanced by the speed and accuracy at which the data can be collected, which is complemented by the advancement of long term probe deployment coupled with reliable telemetry.

Data Collection

Having the proper tools to understand the data is just as important as the ways in which the data is presented.